Kunci Jawaban Exam Kuasai TOEFL PBT, Raih Score 600+

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Kunci Jawaban Exam Kuasai TOEFL PBT, Raih Score 600+

Kunci jawaban exam lengkap kelas pelatihan prakerja “Kuasai TOEFL PBT, Raih Score 600+” yang ada di platform Skill Academy

Sebelum mengerjakan soal, kalian harus mengetahui bahwa ada minimal passing grade yang berbeda-beda dari setiap pelatihan yang dipilih.

Kunci Jawaban Kuasai TOEFL PBT, Raih Score 600+

Disini urutan soal exam biasanya akan diacak, jadi kalian harus mengabaikan nomor soal dan fokus mencocokkan kunci jawabannya saja.


1. Magnesium has a specific gravity of 1.74, which means that __________ 1.74 times as much as an equal volume of water.

a. it is weighed
b. weighing it
c. its weight
d. it weighs

Jawaban: D

2. Graphite conducts electricity __________ does not burn.

a. because
b. if
c. when
d. and

Jawaban: D

3. Geysers are found near rivers and lakes, where water drains through the soil __________.

a. surface below the deep
b. deep below the surface
c. the deep below surface
d. the deep surface below

Jawaban: B

4. Ducks have been domesticated for many centuries __________ commercially for their meat and eggs.

a. raised
b. and are raised
c. raised as
d. are raised

Jawaban: B

5. Despite the popularity of some exhibitions, __________ galleries haven’t become the common
pursuit for most people in South Africa.

a. their visit
b. visited
c. visiting
d. they had been visited

Jawaban: C

6. __________ the delicate beauty of an individual snowflake to the tremendous of a raging storm, nature has the ability to fill us with awe and wonder.

a. Despite
b. In spite of
c. Between
d. From

Jawaban: D

7. The market for certain assets, especially those backed by British mortgage loans, had __________
dried up, making it difficult to determine what they were actually worth.

a. essential
b. essentially
c. many essentials
d. been essential

Jawaban: B

8. Traditionally, __________ in New England on Thanksgiving Day.

a. when served is sweet cider
b. when sweet cider is served
c. is served sweet cider
d. sweet cider is served

Jawaban: D

Untuk soal no 9 – 16 karena terlalu panjang jadi saya tulis kunci jawabannya saja.

9. Jawaban: C

10. Jawaban: C

11. Jawaban: B

12. Jawaban: B

13. Jawaban: D

14. Jawaban: B

15. Jawaban: C

16. Jawaban: D

Bacalah teks berikut untuk soal no 17 – 21


Alpha Centauri is a triple-star system. One of the three stars in Alpha Centauri is Proxima Centauri,
which is the nearest star to the Earth, except of course for the Sun. The name “Proxima” comes from a Latin word which means “close.”

Even though Proxima Centauri is the closest star to the Earth outside of our solar system, it is not really
close. Interstellar distances are so large that they are almost impossible to imagine. A person traveling in a modern spacecraft would not arrive at Proxima Centauri within this lifetime or the next, or even ten
lifetimes because the distance is so great. Light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second, and it still takes light more than four years to travel from Proxima Centauri to the Earth.

Alpha Centauri can be easily seen in the night sky without a telescope from certain parts of the Earth. It is the third brightest star in the sky, out of approximately 6,000 visible stars. It cannot be seen from most parts of the United States because most of the United States is too far north; however, it can be
seen from the southern parts of the southernmost states.

17. The word “great” in “…because the distance is so great.” could best be replaced by which of the

a. Famous
b. Well-known
c. Accomplished
d. Big

Jawaban: D

18. The word “brightest” in “…Is the third brightest star in…” could best be replaced by …

a. smartest
b. palest
c. shiniest
d. largest

Jawaban: C

19. Which of the following is true according to the passage?

a. Light travels at 186,000 miles per hour.
b. A person could travel from Earth to Proxima Centauri in four years.
c. Light from Proxima Centauri reaches the Earth in more than four years.
d. It is 186,000 miles from the Earth to Proxima Centauri

Jawaban: C

20. The word “however” in the last paragraph could best be replaced by…

a. furthermore
b. nevertheless
c. moreover
d. therefore

Jawaban: B

21. It can be inferred from the passage that if a person left in one of today’s spacecrafts, he or she would
arrive at Alpha Centauri…

a. within this lifetime
b. within the next lifetime
c. within ten lifetimes
d. after more than ten lifetimes

Jawaban: D

Bacalah teks berikut untuk soal No 22 – 25

Although the Himalayan wolf is visibly distinct from its European cousin, its current distribution has
mostly been a matter of assumption, rather than evident truth. The most ancient wolf lineage, known
to science, has been listed as Critically Endangered in the National Red List.

Now, an international research team, led by Madhu Chetri, a graduate student at the Hedmark University of Applied Sciences, Norway, report the wolf from Nepal’s largest protected area, thus confirming its existence in the country.

When compared to the European wolf, this one stands out with its smaller size, unusually longer
muzzle, and stumpy legs. Another clearly distinctive feature is the white coloration around the throat,
chest, belly and inner part of the limbs. On the other hand, its characteristic woolly body fur has given the subspecies the common name ‘woolly wolf However, the distinctiveness of the Himalayan wolf is
far more than skin-deep.

The authors note that recent studies have already revealed that these wolves have split as a separate branch within the tree of life’ so long ago that they are divergent from the whole globally distributed wolf-dog clave. Having undergone such an isolated evolution, the Himalayan wolf is considered of particular conservation concern.

However, the populations are still suffering from heavy mortality. As a part of their research, the authors conducted both formal and informal interviews with about four hundred local herders, livestock owners, nomads, and village elite to find out more about the status of the human-wolf conflict, as well as their attitudes and perceptions. As a result, they found out that the wolves are considered to pose a threat for the local livelihoods. They were persecuted and killed as a means of depredation.

22. What does the passage mainly discussed?

a. The Himalayan Wolf is almost extinct.
b. The characteristic of Himalayan Wolf.
c. The reasons why the locals killed so many Himalayan wolves.
d. The strategy to protect Himalayan wolf from extinction.

Jawaban: A

23. Why is Himalayan wolf have been called ‘woolly wolf?

a. because they are smaller than the other wolves
b. because they produce wool
c. because of their soft body fur
d. because they have longer muzzle and stumpy legs

Jawaban: C

24. According to the passage, how did the scientists find the cause of human-wolf conflict?

a. By interviewing the villagers
b. By interrogating the local hunters
c. By studying its physical characteristic
d. By investigating the tracks and evidence

Jawaban: A

25. What does the author say about a Himalayan wolf?
a. dangerous animal
b. It’s almost extinct
c. A threat for the local livelihoods
d. It’s not an endangered animal

Jawaban: B

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